Standard Compact Farm Wagon in Farmall Red
Standard Rear Hitch
Large 15
Compact Farm Wagon
Built By Elmridge Machine LLC in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
EM-41FW  Standard Compact Farm Wagon                $995.00
Includes: Farmall Red Powder-Coated Steel Frame with White Rims, Wooden Bed
(44” x 84”), Wooden Sides and End-Gates, All Wood treated with Natural
Exterior-Grade Sealer, Rear Hitch, 2000# Capacity at 10 M.P.H., 15” x 6”
Pneumatic Tires
EM-26 Optional Frame Colors                                        $50.00/Wagon
Choices Include:  JD Green, Ford Blue, NH Yellow, AC Orange, and Black

EM-28 Optional Wheel Colors                                $45.00/Wagon
Choices Include:  JD Yellow, Farmall Silver, AC Cream

EM-34 Double-Hitch Pole For Horses                        $195.00
Hitch for Two Horses, Wood Finish to Match Wagon

EM-36 Single-Hitch Shafts for Horse                        $195.00
Hitch for Single Horse, Powder-Coated to Match Wagon

EM-38 Wood Bench Seat W/Cushion                        $160.00 ea.
Wood Finish to Match Wagon, Limit 2 Benches Per Wagon

EM-44 Covered Wagon Hoops and Cover                $325.00

EM-SW 15" All Steel Wheels                               $Call

EM-HD Heavy Duty Frame and Tires                       $Call
3000# Capacity at 30 M.P.H. with Heavy Duty Frame and Larger Flotation Tires,
Traction Style or Ribbed

Home Delivery Up to 75 Miles from Zip Code 17522 by Yahoo Maps  $20 - $150
Please contact us if you would like a to make arrangements to pick up your
purchase at the
Seiverling Museum, LLC Car and Pedal Car Museum or would
like a shipping quote if you are past the 75 mile delivery option.  All proceeds
from farm wagon and cart sales goes towards the daily expenses of the Museum.
John Deere Green Frame and Yellow Wheel Option
All Steel Wheel Option on Standard Red Model
EM-HD Model Frame Without Body beside Standard Model
Standard Model with EM-44 Covered Wagon Option
Home Delivery Option Up To 75 Miles From Ephrata Pennsylvania