How Can I Support the Museum?
We are always asked by someone in every group as to how they can support the Museum, we have many
ways that you can support the Museum.  One of the many ways is through our affiliations with our
advertisers and sponsors on
Seiverling Online, Amazon, and EBay to name a few.  If you click on the
advertisements on our website and purchase any products from above mentioned websites, the Museum
receives a percentage of the total purchase (please use these links everytime a site is desired).  Another way
to support the Museum is to buy Museum Memorabilia through our online
Gift Shop.  We also offer
advertising opportunities on this website and
Seiverling Online as another way to support the museum.  And
last but not least, by purchasing any products shown in the
Seiverling Museum, LLC Store.  Even though
we are setup as a "for profit" organization, the day to day operations of the Museum are the organization's
first priority, and thus we also accept "free will" donations on the Museum's behalf ($3-$10 per person).  
We also accept gift cards from Office Supply Stores and Home Improvement Stores as there are supplies
that are used from these stores for the up keep on the Museum, both the building and office dealings.  
Ephrata, PA
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Current Museum Projects:

  • Re-Labeling of all Exhibits.
  • Shelving for the center of the Museum and additional shelving along our one wall.
  • Change over to more efficient L.E.D. light bulbs in all fixtures.
  • Painting of Building Trim.
  • New outside Sign