At Seiverling Museum, LLC Store, we like to have fun, and riding the pit bikes around the yard is a great way to
have fun.  Unfortunately, we have mortgages and other requirements that don't let much at the end of month to
fund this fun activity.  That is why we carry and show links for less costly parts and accessories for pit bikes,
such as Honda CRF50's and 70's, Pitster Pro's, SDG's, Falcon's, SSR's and other makes of bikes.  These parts
and accessories are well suited for play riding and could be used for limited racing, (don't expect them to last
more than a few races).  For quality racing parts, please contact
Ephrata Cycle and Sports Incorporated or
Keystone Trailers Incorporated.
Seiverling Museum, LLC Store Pit Bike products.
The bike above was assembled with parts purchased entirely from the same searches as shown below,
Seiverling Museum, LLC Store), and Ephrata Cycle and Sports Incorporated.